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Number Eight



NumberEight is a user behavior analysis SDK (software development kit) that analyzes user's real-time situations with AI. 
By analyzing the data of service users using the internal sensor data and information of smartphones and tablet devices, NumberEight classifies users into more than 70 audience types (interests, hobbies, etc.) and more than 200 situation types (types of behavior). The publisher who operates the app will be able to deliver the most suitable advertisement for the user's real-time situation by linking the situation type obtained from the analysis with the ad servers and SSPs.
In the actual case stucy of using NumberEight, the accuracy (addressability) of the advertiser's user targeting was improved by 5 times, and the publisher's ad revenue increased by 30% by maximizing the CPM (Cost Per Mile) of the ad inventory.

* NumberEight is a solution provided through Globalive Inc. 


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Otonal Number Eight Site Co. , Ltd. * Domestic exclusive contract for provision to voice applications

2022.07.08 Audience targeting with 5x addressability and 30% increase in advertising revenue


2022.03.29 Otonal, UK Number Eight and domestic exclusive contract with voice app. Launched SDK for app operators to estimate listeners' real-time situations using AI

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