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Blockthrough is a Canadian start-up company that is the number one global shareholder solution for recovering ad-blocked sales while "respecting user choice". Respecting User Choice" means that more than 80% of the ad blocking tools in use today participate in the "Acceptable Ads Committee" and only serve ads to users who have opted-in to ads that comply with "The Acceptable Ads Standard" as defined by the committee. The Acceptable Ads Committee is a group that includes over 90% of our users. With over 90% of users opting in to AcceptableAds, theoretically over 70% of ad block inventory can be recovered.

Blockthrough is the most popular ad blocker in the Comscore Top 150 sites, and its board members include Matt Kendall, creator of Prebid.js; Brian O' Kelley, inventor of programmatic advertising, as an advisor; and Brian Kelley, creator of VAST. Kelley, who invented programmatic advertising, and Ari Paparo, who developed VAST.


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