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oolo is the world's first solution to automatically detect and investigate anomalies in advertising revenue-related data streams and transform statistical anomalies into actionable, understandable business requirements. oolo combines machine learning, exhaustive data mapping, and systematic operational know-how to provide a complete solution for publisher ad operations teams. With oolo's elaborated data monitoring, troubleshooting and optimization tasks are smartly prioritized and handled, eliminating frustration and inefficiency in ad operations. For websites, it can be easily integrated with Google Ad Manager(GAM) and Google Analytics.

For mediation tools for apps, it is possible to easily link with "ironSource" ,"AppLovin MAX" and "GAM" only through API integration without the need for an SDK, and the revenue impact of the relevant anomaly can be calculated to determine the priority of response. This allows publishers to minimize monetization opportunity losses.
* oolo is a solution provided through Globalive Inc. 


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2022.07.05 Reduce the effort of daily problem detection / problem extraction! Deep monitoring of revenue trends


2022.03.02 "oolo", a monitoring tool for publishers, starts business in Japan ... Partnership with Globalive


2022.02.28 oolo, a monitoring tool for publishers, continues its aggressive growth strategy and expands into East Asia including Japan

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